Netflix Europe is down and an error message appears when logging in

Across Europe, subscribers of the popular streaming service, Netflix, seemed to be unable to log on as the site has gone down.

Since its first debut as an online service in 1997, Netflix has gained a lot of popularity and even reached 183 million paid subscribers in more than 190 countries. However, subscribers are reported to have issues when signing it to Netflix.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the enforcement of the lockdown, it appears that the demand for online streaming has increased. People are now dependent on internet access, and have currently diverted to online games and streaming due to the lockdown.

Europe subscribers of Netflix have log-in issues

A lot of subscribers on Netflix located in Europe have complained about the error message they have been receiving when trying to log on. The issue appears to be directed to the website version of Netflix. 

An error message such as NSES-504, and “something went wrong” currently the ones appearing in the Netflix website.  Moreover, the message indicates that the problem is associated with connection issues.

Moreover, thousands of European subscribers have reported that they cannot access shows. There were solutions provided by the official Netflix customers. The users were asked to refresh their connection and their browsers and check if they can log back in. 

Netflix is currently running a server status page, entitled, “Is Netflix down?”, given the current coronavirus crisis.  The pandemic has impacted how Netflix is delivering its services in the current situation. The page indicated that Netflix is doubling its workloads to provide subscribers with fast service.

Netflix affected by COVID-19

Netflix is just among the many streaming sites which have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. However, just as people are staying in their homes, the demand for online streaming services may be overwhelming. The lockdown has decreased manpower because the workers are now working at home.

The company has announced that innovations will not be prioritized at the moment due to the lockdown.  Additionally, the company has been forced to close down which means some of the plans are not happening anytime soon.

Netflix to cut back  on new features amid the coronavirus pandemic

The outbreak has caused a serious issue in the number of manpower to maintain the services of Netflix. The streaming service is said to cut back on the new features because the workers are working from home. 

Changing the features while the lockdown has not been lifted might be too overwhelming for the staff given that they are at home working.

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Image Courtesy of Simone Colombatto/Youtube Screenshot

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