Netflix hikes prices on its standard and premium plan from today

According to CNET, a news website, Netflix will raise its standard and premium plans. The monthly subscription of standard and premium plans has been raised, which will affect a bit for Netflix users.

The standard plan of Netflix subscription has been increased by $1, surging it to $14. Last month, the subscription plan of the standard plan for Netflix cost $13.

Netflix’s premium subscription that encapsulates 4K resolution videos and HDR screens and increases the number of screens you can simultaneously stream for will now price at $ 18 per month.

There has been an increase of $2 since last month for the premium package of Netflix. Previously, the premium package used to cost $16 per month.

The requirement of hiking the price

The decision to surge the price of standard and premium packages of Netflix has been taken, looking at the number of users using Netflix in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Netflix has seen a surge in the number of users during this time, and now many people continue to hunker down at their homes.

During this covid pandemic, people emphasize the online streaming platform, and demand for new shows and series is in high requirement.

The company spokesperson said that many people are crowding the video streaming platform day by day, and the demand for series and shows is increasing, which requires a high demand for entertainment.

As Netflix sees this surge, they have claimed about their commitment towards users in terms of entertainment shows and series. In the talk, the authority also said that increasing the prices of standard and premium plans was to provide various TV shows and films.

Along with that, the company will still give those offers that will suit your pocket and won’t be heavy for it. The video streaming company will still offer a range of offers that will make you watch series and show even more comfortably and easily.

The last time the company hiked the subscription’s price plan’s price was the starting of 2019, in which the monthly subscription of both the plans, standard, and premium was raised by $2 per month.

The basic plan will remain basic

Meanwhile, the Netflix subscription package’s basic plan, which offers video streaming at DVD -quality 480p, still sees no change.

The price for the basic plan will remain the same, which is $9 per month.

This plan will come into action from today onwards. The users of both the plans will receive an official email notification from Netflix describing all the changes made, followed by the increase in the subscription plan’s monthly billing.

Image courtesy of Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

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