Netflix is going to launch a virtual Boot camp

Netflix is bringing a virtual boot camp with a 2U education platform. Netflix’s Engineers and 2U are working with Norfolk State University.

The senior engineer of Netflix and 2U are going to work with Norfolk State University. Both companies are going to bring a virtual boot camp for students. The virtual boot camp will develop knowledge of the students.

The company will help the students learn by this initiative. In the camp, the company will take up 130 students, and for enrollment, the users can go to the official website of Netflix. The training program will run for 16 weeks and will start in January.

Moreover, there are three tracks of this boot camp. The first track is going to be Java engineering.

The second one is the UX/UI design, and the third one is data science. Also, the experts of Netflix and 2U will design each track of the course.

What is 2U?

2U is an American company, and the base of this company is education and technology. At first, the company’s name was 2tor. After that, the term became 2U.

The work area of this company is colleges and universities, as its primary target audience is students. Also, 2U offers online degree programs. The company gives coursework design, infrastructure support, and capital.

It came in 2008, and its headquarters are in Lanham, Maryland, US. The company is one of the best online education company. The chairman of the board is Paul A. Maeder. Now, 2U is going to work with Netflix on a unique program.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American technology and media service provider company. Also, it works on movie production. The headquarter of the company is in Los Gatos, California. The company came forward in 1997, and the owners are Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

Additionally, Netflix offers unlimited streaming content. It has more than 193 million worldwide paid subscribers. The primary source of income is providing subscription-based content. Also, it is a member of the motion picture association (MPA).

Virtual Boot Camp

Netflix and 2U are going to work together. Both companies are working with Norfolk State University. There are three tracks to this program. The first one is java engineering, and the second is the UI/UX Design, and the last one is data science.

Members of the company and 2U will design the entire program. Also, the controller of the whole program is the University. The students will also get guest lectures. Along with this, the program will last for about 16 weeks.

In conclusion, Netflix is going to launch a virtual boot camp. 130 students will participate in this program. Netflix will pay the bill of accepted students. Also, the goal of the virtual Boot camp is to provide better and relevant industry skills.

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