Netflix is heading for their users into the world of video game streaming

Netflix is slowly heading towards the world of video game streaming!

Long ago, the world of video games just started to boom because people were being introduced to it but still had not much of an idea. Therefore, the art and style of games plus the graphics started improving, and for this fact, the gaming industry started booming one after the other.

Now the director of Netflix has appointed Mike Verdu as the vice president of the game development overlooking the company’s objective to help and target many video games in the upcoming months.

Are there going to be new titles on the platform?

Viewers are also stated that those interested in video games will gain a lot from the platform over the upcoming years. Mike is asked to report to Chief Operating Officer Greg directly and has said they are working on exciting projects that can come to the platform.

Some of the most important franchises that hold a significant amount of influence over the upcoming years are Star Wars and even Plants Vs. Zombies.

These games are fun and addictive, and on the other hand, they procure a mass amount of audience who can be hooked to these games accordingly. Netflix has shared their intentions with the people and has stated that the team does not yet disclose the facts and how many games will be available on the platform, but there will be a close count.

Currently, the platform has around 200 million subscribers, and they are ahead in the pack of streaming races compared to the competitors such as Amazon Prime and even Disney.

The pandemic has been made the streaming service profit

Meanwhile, the Pandemic has been fuel in the surge of prices, and thus, many people have been hooked to the platform lately. The prediction fell short when everything started opening up, and Netflix started seeing a footfall in the rise of customers over time.

So the team has decided to dive into a market that is currently booming right now, and that is to partner with video gaming companies and streaming companies to gain all from the fans.

The introduction of video streaming and gaming to the platform has been a real game-changer since it was announced.

Many fans have said that they support the decision and are looking forward to the exciting new games that can be added. The developers are working towards a significant challenge, such as cloud gaming infrastructure, which can be introduced to the platform.


Image courtesy of Everything Else/YouTube

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