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Netflix offers free access to selected contents as new marketing strategy


Netflix is providing access to some select movies and series without having to create an account to increase customer base and user network.

While “Netflix and chill” have become a popular trend globally and has a broad consumer base, Netflix attempts to widen it further by providing free access to original movies and series which include Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Boss Baby: Back in Business, The Two Popes, Love is Blind, among others.

Netflix’s selected first episodes are for free

Although full movies can be screened, only the first season’s first episode would be accessible as far as the series is concerned. Netflix also says that the selection of movies and series may change from time to time.

In a statement by Netflix, they said that this new marketing promotion is a way to attract new customers and give them a great Netflix experience. It is not an entirely new strategy since September last year, Netflix offered access to the series Bard of Blood in India, while it screened Elite season 2 in some parts of Latin America. But now, Netflix plans to go global with this strategy to get more people to subscribe to this streaming platform.

Check out the ‘Watch Free’ section

To make this possible, Netflix has started a “Watch Free” section where the exclusive movies and series can be watched, but it is only accessible via a Windows PC, Mac, or Android browser. The free section can not be seen on smart TVs, Fire TV sticks, and incognito mode.

The company has mentioned that a 30-second ad will be played before every video streaming, although it can be skipped.

Moreover, it comes as another great plan to expand its already massive viewer base worldwide with marketing schemes like lesser money for mobile subscriptions or multiple user accounts, which reduces the cost burden, different languages to choose from, among others.

Netflix is hoping people will get hooked on the TV shows, mainly offering only the first episode, so you’d need to sign-up to continue watching.

The promotion is likely in response to Netflix last month, missing Wall Street expectations due to increased competition in the streaming video market.

The new free content will be available to users across the globe. The landing page of the link explains why the OTT application is providing this new offer. “Netflix is the premier destination for all your entertainment needs. But don’t take our word for it — check out some of our favorite movies and TV shows, absolutely free,” Netflix wrote on its website.

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