Netflix releases trailer for CG animated Series ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’

Netflix has released their trailer for the CG animated series called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. 

Resident Evil fans are currently on a roller coaster of their journey because many things are in store for them.

The game, which first started with a series about killing half-dead and half-alive zombies, a mistake that was committed and eradicated by the Umbrella Corporation, has come a long way.

Resident Evil fans are currently in awe of the released game Village, where they are having a lot of fun ‘avoiding’ and being killed by Lady Dimitrescu. The eighth installation of the game has been a huge success for Capcom in sales and other profitable figures.

How is the CGI animated series going to happen?

The series and the second entry in a soft reboot have mostly dropped any connections with the old game( other than the repeated appearance of Chris Redfield).

Chris has become the main nonsense in the game for many things as, over the years, the fans have mainly started to hate him rather than liking him because he has been getting locked into that mansion outside Raccoon City for a countless number of times now.

But there is something new in store for all the players, as Netflix did announce about including a CG animated series called Resident EvilInfinite Darkness. 

What is the storyline here?

Set in the year 2006, the show stars Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield, shorty after the Leon-centric events of the fourth installation of the game. But before the zombies tried to destroy the White House in Resident Evil 6, and before the stupid and racist events of Resident Evil 5, meaning series villain Albert Wesker might still be alive.

In this trailer, Leon and Claire, who are voiced with the help of Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello, respectively, reprising their roles from the outstanding Resident Evil 2 remake. You can start to unravel a conspiracy, fight some monsters and show off what looks like a damn good CGI.

It is hard to make Leon look like a normal human being in any context because the hair is the real bioweapon here, but there everything else is at least animated impressively.

Resident EvilInfinite Darkness will premiere on Netflix on July 8th, 2021. As far as the fans know, there is something new about the series that we will see with the help of Netflix. Some of the fans are sure that the CG animated series will do justice to the universe we have seen for such a long time.


Image courtesy of Residence of Evil/YouTube

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