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Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ ends, stars shared their future plans


13 Reasons Why season 4 is nearing its release on Netflix. Owing to that, the cast members have shared their insights about the series and its finale episode.

13 Reasons Why has done a really good job in satisfying its fans. Since the show’s season 1 premiere on Netflix, it has offered a lot of gripping scenes. Moreover, it has gathered faithful fans that are eagerly awaiting to find the narrative of every upcoming season.

Unfortunately, the streaming giant Netflix has previously announced that the upcoming season 4 of the series will be its last. To compensate for this bad news, stars of 13 Reasons Why have shared their insights about the forthcoming installment and further revealed their plans in the future.

Cast teases season 4

13 Reasons Why cast members Brandon Flynn, Alisha Boe, and Ross Buttler have shared some thrilling revelations about the show in an interview with PopSugar. First off,  Buttler revealed that the gang would take a raincheck for the murder of Bryce. He stated:

“We’re all dealing with the aftermath of Bryce’s murder and we’re all going about it in our own way. I think what’s going to be interesting is that the audience is going to see how each of their favorite characters go through this.”

Moreover, the actor unveiled that they are not only dealing with Bryce’s death. They will also deal with the aftermath of everything that has happened over the last three seasons.

Season finale will be a mix of satisfaction, hurt, despair and abandonment

Consequently, Brandon Flynn revealed that the finale of the show would not make all viewers happy. He said:

“I think there’ll be satisfaction, hurt, despair, abandonment. People have an attachment to our show, which is an awesome thing. It’s something that I’ve become very grateful for, but it’s ending, so you can’t please every part of someone’s wants and desires.”

Nevertheless, Flynn assured that all of the stars who took part in the series finale had given their all. Because of this, the show will end on a note that makes sense.

13 Reasons Why stars’ plans

In the same interview, Alisha Boe has disclosed the relationship the cast has built throughout the entire show. According to the actress, the gang has created a strong bond that is very hard to break.

Boe further said that, because of this, they would continue to look out and cheer for each other. She said:

“We’re all just collectively excited to close this chapter, but also start our new futures.”

One of the cast members ended the interview with an inspirational message for the show’s devotees. Brandon Flynn said:

“Stick close to the people who you care about. You’ll never do it perfectly, but the attempt is what matters.”

For the fans and followers of the series, 13 Reasons Why returns on Netflix on June 5.

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