Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ season 4 spoilers revealed, episodes turns emotional


Netflix announces the release date of teen series 13 Reasons Why, and consequently drops trailer which shocks the fans.

Netflix has previously announced that the controversial series 13 Reasons Why will end with its fourth season. Fans were left in limbo after the streaming giant made the announcement with no other additional details.

As a result, many questions were raised up by devotees regarding the specifics of the upcoming series. Finally, after a long wait, the network has released a trailer which answered all the queries of the show’s followers.

Trailer features rollercoaster of emotions among the cast

The official trailer for the final season of 13 Reasons Why featured an intense rollercoaster of emotions among the cast. On the first part of the video, the students of Liberty High School discovered a spray-painted message on the door that says,

“Monty was framed.”

Monty, played by Timothy Granaderos, was previously blamed for Bryce Walker’s death. After dying in the third run of the series, he was not able to deny these accusations and clear his name.

Later, it was exposed that Winston, Monty’s alleged boyfriend, was the one who spray-painted the damning words. With this at hand, it appears that Winston, along with the jocks of Liberty High, is determined to expose the gang who framed Monty.

Will the gang be discovered for framing Monty

Consequently, Clay Jensen, realized that he and the gang who made Monty take the fall for Bryce’s murder are on course for disaster. As shown in the video, Clay stated,

“I think we may have a few problems.”

As the group inch toward their graduation, they will have to contend with whether or not they will be discovered for a big mistake they committed in the past. Furthermore, with this problem at hand, the group spiraled and fell apart one by one.

In one scene, Justin appears to hold Jessica back in a fight. Meanwhile, Zach threatens Clay with the words,

“You have to keep it together. You’re taking us down with you.”

Clay was not also left off the hook. He is seen dealing with some pretty horrific nightmares and possible hallucinations. The lead actor will also have to make a tough decision in response to his therapist’s question which says,

“Are you ready to let those secrets out?”

Trailer teases return of characters

What shocked fans the most was when they witnessed a few surprising faces popped up in the trailer. This includes Bryce and Monty. It raises the question of whether Monty is alive all along, as his “death” happened off-screen, or if it was just one of Clay’s hallucinations.

As of now, the only thing certain is the forthcoming season’s incredibly emotional experience. 13 Reasons Why returns to Netflix on June 5.

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