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Netflix series’ ‘Dark’ season 3 is weirder than ‘Stranger Things’


The German thrilling sci-fi TV series, Dark, is officially returning to Netflix and proves to be darker than Stranger Things.

After the successful endings of Dark season 1 and 2, fans anticipate the return of the series for the third season.

Dark follows the story of interconnected families in a little town, Winden, in Germany, in the year 1980. The series becomes complicated because of the time travel complexities related to the disappearance of a child, Mikkel. The disappearance unraveled the twisted secrets of the four families and their constant battle between good and evil.

Mikkel who disappeared in 2019 landed in 1986 and married Jonas’ mother, which makes him the father of Jonas. Dreadful as it gets, Jonas is romancing Mikkel’s sister, which makes her Jonas’ aunt.

As the story progresses, the nuclear power in Winden is responsible for the time travel. The teen version of Jonas constantly travels back and forth through time to save Winden from a nuclear apocalypse. Jonas believed that if he could go back to the time of his father’s suicide, he could stop the events. However, Dark season 2 ended with Jonas’ disappearance.

Dark season 3 plot

Despite the lack of information from the showrunners, there are possible plots to be explored. Jonas’ disappearance is the biggest mystery in Dark season 3.  However, fans are wondering what causes Jonas’ disappearance.

In the last season, alternate Martha found herself in a room with her present time Martha. The alternate Martha needs the help of the present Jonas to destroy Jonas’ old self.

Dark season 3 will definitely feature Jonas fighting his own self. Martha and the original Jonas will try to destroy Adam, the oldest Jonas, from starting the cycle again.

When will Dark season 3 air in Netflix

Dark season 3 will premiere on June 27, 2020. Although there were delays in the production due to the coronavirus crisis, Netflix is certain of its release date.

Dark season 3 cast

Because of the series constant jump to time,  there are a lot of characters that need to fill the roles. However, fans will expect to see the following characters,

  • Louis Hofmann as Young Jonas
  • Jordis Triebel as Katharina
  • Lisa Vicari as Young Martha
  • Mark Waschke as Adult Noah
  • Andreas Pietschmann as Adult Jonas
  • Lea van Acken as the Future Silja

Dark season 3 will might also include characters that got killed or vanished from the previous season as part of the plot.

Will there be Dark season 4?

Unfortunately, showrunner Odar announced that season Dark season 3 will be the final season of the characters’ great journey. In an announcement last year, he said,

“It‘s official! We are working on Dark Season 3. It is the final cycle of this great journey. We always had three season [sic] in mind when we developed Dark.”

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