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Netflix series ‘Sweet Magnolias’ season 2 secrets spilled, release date remains uncertain


Netflix has not yet renewed Sweet Magnolias for season 2. However, the show’s cast Carson Rowland has already spilled secrets.

Despite being released on Netflix just a few days ago, Sweet Magnolias has already proved its imminent success. The series hit number 5 in Australia, number 2 in Canada, number 3 in the Netherlands, and number 4 in the United Kingdom. Moreover, it was featured in the top 10 list in Spain, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Critics acclaimed the series for its compelling first season. Likewise, fans have considered it as a rare hidden gem in the entertainment industry. Needless to say, the show has left viewers wanting more.

Sweet Magnolias renewal status

Netflix has not yet made an official announcement regarding the show’s renewal. Apparently, the series has to follow most other Netflix Originals in waiting for a second season renewal several months after the initial release.

However, looking at Sweet Magnolias’ worldwide viewership and rating, it would be logical for Netflix to give the green light. If Netflix sticks with its usual renewal/cancellation approach an official decision is expected by early July 2020.

Series overview

Sweet Magnolias is an adaptation of a popular book series by author Sherryl Woods. The show follows the lives of three South Carolina women: Maddie Townsend (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue Sullivan (Brooke Elliott), and Helen Decatur (Heather Headley).

The three women, who are best friends since childhood, shepherd each other through the complexities of romance, career, and family. Consequently, the protagonists’ children seek to cope with everything, and further develop new relations with peers in the quaint town of Serenity.

What to expect in season 2

There’s a huge range of questions that will be answered in season 2 particularly after the dramatic ending of season 1. The result of the after-prom Party fight which caused Kyle’s car crash will likely be tackled as a major storyline. Furthermore, fans will be able to find out who the other passenger was in the forthcoming installment.

In season 2, Maddie is expected to make a choice between getting back with her ex-partner or not. Helen’s recent breakup with her on and off boyfriend is also an exciting scene to explore. Meanwhile, Dana will possibly strive to keep her business afloat and then work with his estranged son.

Carson Rowland shares details about season 2

Carson Rowland, who plays Tyler, teased details about his fate in the upcoming season. He revealed the course of Tyler’s relationship with his dad, and his hopes for season 2.

The actor shared,

“The number one thing for Ty in his life is family. It’ll affect him regardless of whether or not he’s in the passenger seat.”

Rowland also commented on Tyler and Annie’s budding romance. He added,

“I’m really curious to see where it goes and how the car crash affects that. But I would love to see the drama that ensues with Ty and Annie’s relationship.”

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