Netflix series ‘The Protector’ season 4 trailer released with promising scenes

The Protector will return on July 9 for its season 4. To hype the show’s comeback, Netflix has released the official trailer of the season.

The Protector was Netflix’s first Turkish original series. It doubtlessly exceeded all expectations after its first season premiered in 2018. With its level of popularity, the streaming service aired the second season last April 2019. 

Season 4 release date revealed

The show’s official Twitter account revealed the official release date of the fourth installment. The tweet contained the season’s teaser and further stated:

“The struggle is ending. Either the past will win or the future. #TheProtector season 4 will be only on Netflix on July 9th.”

Netflix reveals official trailer

Meanwhile, Netflix official YouTube channel unveiled the official trailer of the series’ next installment. The clip featured the show’s main character dealing with a new chaos in Istanbul. To hype the trailer, Netflix further wrote: 

“Who will win when everything ends? The only way to find out is to return to the very beginning of the story!”

The Protector series Overview

The Protector follows the story of Hakan Demir, an Istanbul shopkeeper. After his adoptive father Neşet was killed, he discovered his connection to an ancient secret order with a duty to  protect the city. 

With this at hand, Hakan embraced his family’s legacy as The Protector, a hero tasked to kill the Immortal and prevent the destruction of the city. Kemal and his daughter Zeynep, members of the secret order of the Loyal Ones, helped Hakan to fulfill his mission.

What to expect

Reportedly, the fourth season of The Protector will be released with ten episodes. Each episode is roughly 40 minutes long. 

The previous installment showcased the conclusion of Hakan’s fight with Vizier. Hakan put up a brave battle with Vizier, but he still failed to stop the city of Istanbul from falling to the darkness of the immortal.

Thus, in the upcoming season, Hakan must fight for the future of his city and himself. He is expected to find the darkness and bring balance back towards the light. His main goal is to stop the immortals for good as well. 

Is season 4 the last of the series?

On a side note, rumors regarding season 4 being the last installment of The Protector have been circulating for some time. Even several Turkish publications have talked about this. For one, a Turkish news site named Zeynart.

Meanwhile, Netflix has yet to issue an official statement regarding the full details of the renewal. Therefore, these speculations must be taken with a grain of salt in mind. 

Image Courtesy of MKY Dizi Müzikleri/YouTube Screenshot

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