Netflix series ‘White Lines’ helmed by ‘Money Heist’ and ‘The Crown’ creators

Money Heist and The Crown makers have collaborated in order to produce Netflix new series White Lines, which dropped last May 15.

In an attempt to draw more subscribers amid the current unprecedented health threat, Netflix continues to improve its streaming library. The platform focuses on bringing diverse content from all across the globe into the entertainment realm.

It appears that Netflix prefers to go local, instead of promoting the agenda of Hollywood that viewers have been accustomed to. For the past few years, the streaming giant has produced films and television shows from different countries, including Spanish titles.

Now, the platform released a combined Spanish and English show after the hit series Money Heist.

The coming together of two creative brains

The Crown’s Andy Harries and Money Heist’s Alex Pina has helmed the sun-soaked and sepia-toned series White Lines. The show is set in the breath-taking and exceptional climes of Balearic Islands.

One of White Lines creator, Harries shared that it is one of his proudest creations. This is because the drama was set across two different periods in time. At the same time, it brings together two different countries in a riot of color and sound.

He further stated,

“It’s a real achievement to have brought these two companies together. It demonstrates that you can make shows for the Spanish and English speaking audiences without any compromises.”

Harries likened the decision to collaborate with Alex Pina as a diplomatic envoy. He joked,

“We felt we were the last attempt to demonstrate that Britain should be a part of Europe.”

White Lines: plot

White Lines follows the story of Zoe Walker who leaves her Manchester home and returns to a Spanish island. She is set to investigate the death of her brother Axel Collins, who disappeared mysteriously at a famed party island of Ibiza 20 years ago.

Zoe’s journey leads her through a world of dance clubs, lies, and cover-ups. In a place where people live life on the edge, she confronts the darker sides of her own character.

More details about the upcoming series

Laura Haddock leads the cast of the new show as Zoe Walker. Tom Rhys Harries stars as her brother Axel Walker in the flashback scenes of the show. Additionally, Daniel Mays, Juan Diego Bottoas, Laurence Fox and Martha Milans are part of the cast.

Moreover, there are 10 episodes in total, with each episode lasting around 50 minutes.

The new Netflix series White Lines launched on the streaming platform last Friday, May 15, at 8am BST.

Image Courtesy of pixinoo/Shutterstock

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