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Netflix ‘Tiger King’ will cast ‘City of Angels’ actor, Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic


The popular Netflix’s Tiger King will cast the City of Angels actor, Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic in a new TV series.

Netflix’s Tiger King made a successful entrance to the world of TV docuseries. The docuseries which consisted of seven episodes were obviously short. But it had given the perfect picture of Joe Exotic’s life.

Joe Shreibvogel is a zoo owner with over 200 tigers, lions along with other big cats. These big cats are sheltered at  G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma. The popularity of  Tiger King became a global phenomenon because of Joe’s dark past and eccentric lifestyle.

What is Tiger King all about

The previous season of Tiger King focused on Joe’s seemingly enemy, Carole Baskin.  The series documented Joe’s hate for Carole, who is known to be an animal rights activist.  Because of Joe’s hatred for Carole, he accused her of killing her own husband. According to Joe, the dead husband was fed to Carole’s own collection of big cats.

Each episode of the Tiger King takes the viewers in the bizarre life of Joe, such as when he married two men.  In other episodes,  Joe’s business partner had slid tiger cubs into Vegas casinos. It appears that the reality TV show bluntly uncovered the true crimes of Joe at the expense of keeping his zoo park.

Nicolas Cage is confirmed to star as Joe Exotic

The success of Tiger King season 1 made it possible for more Tiger King projects. One project that is already creating a clatter is the podcast based series starring Kate Mckinnon as Carole Baskin.

The latest development of the Tiger King is the limited series to be starred by Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage, who is famous for his diverse movies will play the role of Joe the Exotic. The series will have eight episodes and will be produced by Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios.

The series will be based on the Texas Monthly article Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild.

What to expect from the upcoming Tiger King series

The series will portray the life of Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joe Schreibvoge.  Presently,  Joe is legally named Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage. Last year, Joe was convicted of 17 charges of animal abuse. He is also convicted of two counts of murder for plotting to kill the Carole Baskin.

Nicolas Cage’s projects are movie-related, hence, the Tiger King series will be his first television project.

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