Netflix to invalidate accounts that have been unused for too long

In a bid to separate inactive users from its list of millions of active users, Netflix is taking a step at filtering out accounts that have not been used for at least a year.

The announcement came from the company’s director of product innovation, Eddy Wu, via a blog.

A Wakeup Call

According to the blog, Netflix is going to send out in-app notifications or emails to its subscribers to confirm their subscription. If the subscriber fails to respond to the rolled out message, Netflix will automatically cancel that subscription.

The announcement is not clear when the system in place will start invalidating accounts once the user did not respond. But dormant users can expect to have their accounts invalidated not too long after receiving the message.

The idea behind the initiative is more than just to separate the wheat from the chaff from its list of multi-million subscribers, however.

Netflix, as it appears, is making the move to help people ‘save’ their ‘hard-earned cash.’ That is to say that it is willing to let go of those accounts that see actively billing despite being inactive.

The idea is not only premised in the blog but is also explicitly stated as is in its closing statement.

‘Less Than Half of One’

It’s a step that could potentially lose the company some substantial revenue. But Wu states that the number of those affected is low.

He claims that only ‘less than half of one percent’ of their overall subscribers are going to get hit by the maneuver. Put into a rough estimate, he claims the count to be around a ‘few hundred thousand.’

However, Netflix is not necessarily going to permanently close its doors to its inactive users. Users who are affected by the mass cancellation could still opt to renew their subscriptions at any given time.

Netflix is even giving the affected users a grace period of 10 months to restore their accounts’ status the way they left them. This means that anyone who reconsiders subscribing to Netflix again within the grace period will still see their favorites, viewing preferences, etc., again.

Not necessarily perky by any means. But might be worth a consideration for some who had good reasons for having been dormant from the scene.

Netflix Doing Great

At a time when many enterprises are adversely affected by the ongoing crisis, it seems that Netflix is doing great in its business. That is, to be able to afford a bold move that significantly cuts a portion of its income.

But Netflix’s continued success is hardly surprising. Considering the surging demand for entertainment as people are coop at their own respective homes.

Image used courtesy of Puckpao/Shutterstock

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