Netflix to lose its most-watched show ‘The Office’

Netflix is soon going to lose The Office, its most-watched and streamed show on the platform. It’s sad news for its subscribers.

According to The Independent, Netflix will lose the Office (US version) rights at the end of this year. And especially for the subscribers of the United States, it’s unfortunate news. Because after the year-end, they won’t be able to stream the series on the platform.

The actual reason for removing the US version of the show from Netflix is due to NBC. It originally aired the series in the past and, in 2019, announced that it would exclusively stream it on its own service for the next five years. That is, from 2021 up to the end of 2025, it will only be available on NBC’s upcoming portal.

The last date to stream the show on Netflix in America is Dec. 31st of this year.

The Office and its Netflix connection

The famous sitcom is the most-viewed licensed series for the streamer in the last few years. But now, it won’t come back to the service for American users, at least till 2026. No matter what, it will hurt Netflix more than anyone else.

In 2018, the report by Nielsen revealed that The Office was the highly watched show. The service subscribers hopped onto it more, in terms of minutes than any other title on the platform. That means even hit series like Stranger Things couldn’t compete with it!

On top of it, iconic Friends also couldn’t reach the level of viewership of The Office! And it’s when the streamer paid around $100 million to keep the former on its service.

Other popular series streaming on the platform

Meanwhile, this year is surely going fantabulous for Netflix so far. In terms of popularity, its shows are generating huge buzz. Original titles like Tiger King, Emily In Paris, and The Umbrella Academy have become fan favorites. And then comes the newest addition to this line-up, in the form of The Queen’s Gambit!

The Anya Taylor-Joy starring worldwide phenomenon has become the most-viewed limited series for Netflix! Plus, it also remained number one in more than 60 countries. It also increased the popularity of physical chess boards once again. The show is based on a chess player (portrayed by Anya) who becomes the best in her field.

However, it seems like no other Netflix show can actually give a tough fight to The Office in the coming years. Now that it’s going from the streaming service, the American subscribers will miss it a lot. And their long wait will only end after almost six years!


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