Netflix video games coming soon, Apple Arcade style


Netflix video games seem to be on the horizon, as the video streaming platform is also looking to expand into offering Apple Arcade style gaming into the mix.

When it comes to streaming, Netflix is the marquee place for video content. Even then, Netflix video games are coming, as the company is looking to create a service similar to Apple Arcade. At the moment, they are looking for an executive to help their endeavor.

Netflix looking for execs to help foray into gaming

Many cloud streaming platforms are trying their best to become the Netflix of gaming and for a reason. The monicker stems from Netflix becoming the industry captain for content streaming.

Now, the streaming giant wants a piece of the gaming pie, trying to outdo Apple Arcade. The iOS platform came out in 2019 and currently costs $4.99 a month. It offers unlimited access to games in its library, which comes to more than 100.

In a statement they gave to Gamespot, the streaming service confirmed its intent. They note how they’re looking to further expand into video games and try to assert their dominance in it.

“Our members value the variety and quality of our content. It’s why we’ve continually expanded our offering–from series to documentaries, film, local language originals and reality TV,” said a representative for the company.

“Members also enjoy engaging more directly with stories they love–through interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You v. Wild, or games based on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel and To All the Boys. So we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment”.

Streaming service originally hesitant about competition

The idea of Netflix video games is weird, considering how crowded the market is. With services like Apple Arcade, xCloud, Xbox Games Pass, and more, Netflix is coming in late.

In the past, the company has also detailed that they are hesitant to go into the market. Netflix founder Reed Hastings noted in 2019 how he has no intent about penetrating the games market.

“We don’t compete with Fortnite better by doing something like [a streaming service] because we’re not very good at that,” he detailed in an interview. “We compete by doing the most amazing TV shows you’ve ever seen so you put down Fortnite and you come to watch our shows.”

Netflix is famous for their video game adaptations and relative success in it. These include The Witcher, Castlevania, and even an upcoming Resident Evil in the works. Even then, Netflix video games will likely be something we can expect.

Featured image courtesy of Netflix/Youtube Screenshot



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