Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ season 2 release date, cast and teasers revealed

The highly popular Netflix reality show, The Circle is coming back for its second season. Moreover, the production team is now looking for a new set of casts.

The Circle reality TV show presents a whole new perspective on the influence of social media. Since its first debut in 2018, The Circle proved to be a strong competitor from other reality TV shows.  The series originally developed in Britain, and now, its US version is trending on Netflix.

The series follows the lives of 14 contestants placed who are cut off from the outside world. They are locked alone inside their apartment and communicates only in a social media app. The social media allows contestants to connect with each other, without seeing the other contestants face to face.

The twist in the contest is the elimination of the most unpopular player in the group. Hence, the players will do anything, including changing their profiles, creating alter ego selves to stay on the game.

The Circle season 2 release date

Because of the series’ high rating in the viewership, Netflix did not hesitate to order season 2 as well as season 3. The Circle season 2 will arrive in January 2021. However, it’s still too early to tell about the exact release date since filming will start during or after summer in England.

Moreover, the release of season 2 will also depend on how long will the filming end. The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily shut down all productions. But the showrunners are very optimistic about the show and are ready to deliver the second installment.

The Circle season 2 casting is open

After last season’s winner, Joey Sasso took home the prize, others are determined to follow his path. The official Instagram account of The Circle posted a video to recruit those interested.

Fans who would like to be part of the cast can create an account on website. There are certain questions that need to be answered such as, name, social media handles. Furthermore, the contestant must submit a short bio, and a one-minute video telling about the player’s self.

Joe Sasso gives advice to the new cast

Before joining the cast of The Circle, Joe Sasso was a bartender and an aspiring actor. During the three-week experiment, Joe proved that he can survive with being himself. In an interview, he revealed that being true to one’s self is important in winning the game.  He said,

“If you’re going to be a catfish, I don’t think anyone represented that better than Seaburn as Rebecca, because he’s confident with who he is as a person and he’s having fun every step of the way. The ones to me that are upsetting are when people think they need to catfish in the game because they’re not pretty enough or handsome enough or that they’ll be judged. So for season 2, 3, 4, I say just go in there and have some fun. And don’t let The Circle screw with your head because I’m telling you, The Circle has no chill.”

Image Courtesy Of Men’s Health/Youtube Screenshot

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