Neuralink computer allows music streaming directly to brain

The Neuralink startup company is working on a computer that allows music streaming directly to the brain of the user.

Neuralink is a mysterious startup from Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. Mr. Musk is scheduled to reveal details about its current project next month. However, the tech visionary is already stirring attention by sharing some details on Twitter.

Not a lot of details were shared regarding the technology being developed by Neuralink. However, Mr. Musk confirmed that it would allow people to “listen to music directly from our chips.” He added that the technology would allow the computer to control the hormone level.

A breakthrough technology

Since its inception in 2016, the startup has only held a single major public presentation. The mysterious startup has kept its development secret, up until recently.

In 2019, Mr. Musk said that they are working on a technology that can link a computer and a human brain. Despite this rather vague description, the technology instantly caught the attention of the tech community.

In terms of application, Neuralink can help people suffering from various brain ailments. The technology aims to use advanced artificial intelligence in helping people with brain ailments. Mr. Musk said that the computer could fit into the brain using a procedure similar to Lasik eye surgery.

One part of the computer is a neurosurgical robot. The robot can fit flexible threads into the human brain, which is then connected to the implanted computer chip. A research paper claims that the device can support full-bandwidth data streaming using a single USB-C cable.

As of this writing, Neuralink has 11 job postings on its website. The startup is looking for a range of experts to fill the needed roles. Among the roles are, robotics software engineer, mechanical engineer, and a histology technician.

Development phase

Mr. Musk said that the chip they are developing could cure addiction and depression. The tech visionary claims that they can achieve this by retraining parts of the brain that are affected by the disease. This is a novel and revolutionary concept in curing brain diseases.

The technology has already undergone trial using animals. However, results and details of the trail are still unavailable to the public. The startup will start human trials of its tech later this year.

Neuralink will reveal more information about its project on August 28. In the meantime, the tech community is waiting for more teasers from Mr. Musk.

Image courtesy of Josh Riemer/Unsplash

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