New ‘age law’ enables BTS to postpone military service!

South Korea just gave an epic reason for celebration to all the BTS fans worldwide. The country just passed a “new age law” to support the K-Pop band.

According to Reuters, South Korea just passed a law to postpone the eligibility of serving in the nation’s military. What’s great about it is that it now allows an individual to postpone his joining of military service. And it will directly help the BTS K-Pop boy band!

On Tuesday, the parliament of the country passed the bill to extend the age of joining the Army. Instead of 28 years, now the new law has extended the age rule for up to 30 years.

BTS boys can now focus on more music

After hearing this news, the fandom of the insanely popular boy band will absolutely go crazy because they know that now all the members will work together for at least three more years! The “most aged” artist in the group, as of now, is Jin, who is 27. Had this new bill wasn’t passed, he would have left the band next year. But not anymore, since he’s got three extra years to focus on his career.

It simply means that the seven-member band, which is creating history in the present era, will keep entertaining the world for a longer period of time!

And it’s been possible only due to the rocketing success of this hugely popular and beloved musical group. Otherwise, in the past, no other musician was exempted from military duties. Even the age criteria remained unchanged so far.

“Pop artists tend to make their highest achievements in their 20s, but many of them had to pursue a graduate degree to delay their service,” said Jeon Yong-gi. He was one of those who co-authored the “new age” bill.

South Korea acknowledges its recognized artists and individuals who bring laurels to the country. And since it’s also known for the great K-Pop music, the economy also gets a much-needed boost.

Why is it important to join military service in South Korea?

As per the country’s rules, all non-disabled South Korean men, from 18 to 28, must serve for at least two years in the military. It is part of the nation’s efforts to safeguard the citizens from the attacks of neighbor North Korea.

However, the newly adopted amendment, coming on Tuesday, is also a part of South Korea’s efforts of contributing towards the economy. It will provide exceptions for various popular K-Pop stars of the country who play a big role in increasing its wealth by attracting an immense worldwide audience.

And for the BTS fans, it seems the best time to celebrate!


Image courtesy of Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

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