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New AirTags, Apple TV may debut on ‘One More Thing’


The new Apple AirTags and a new Apple TV could be announced alongside Apple’s newest laptop powered by Apple Silicon.

Just like that, Apple just officially announced its finale event for 2020. On November 10, or in some countries, in the wee hours of November 11, Apple is expected to announce its newest computer.

The title of the event is ‘One More Thing,’ which has been a trademark line of the late Steve Jobs. He normally used this tagline before introducing something completely new to the market.

Now, Tim Cook is taking a page off of Jobs’ playbook. He admitted that ‘One More Thing’ is a line that is mentioned sparingly because of its value to the company. However, he and his team deemed that announcement of the newest Mac computers with Apple Silicon is worthy of this announcement.

Yes, the main focus of the November 10 event will be the new computers. However, leakers are expecting the company to also take the opportunity to announce some peripheral products with it.

Apple AirTags could finally come into a reality

Last month, leakers were quick to surmise that Apple will announce the Apple AirTags with the iPhone 12. However, they were wrong as the company only released the new HomePod Mini with the new phone. As such, they are going at it again by saying that the new item trackers will most definitely be announced with the new Mac computers.

These trackers from Apple will have the same function as Tile’s tracking devices, which have been in the market for quite some time now. However, it will be differentiated by Apple’s global network of devices.

Without having to download any app, Apple can utilize all devices under its umbrella as beacons. These iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks can then serve as GPS trackers for the lost devices with the AirTags attached to them.

Apple will also allegedly release a nifty keychain holder for these tags. Therefore, users can just simply hook one of these tiny trackers to their keyholders to ensure that they don’t get misplaced.

New Apple TV coming too?

The clamor for Apple to finally refresh its Apple TV has been loud. Users want a new experience using Apple’s TV box. They even want a new remote control to get rid of the flimsy accidental touches they do on the remote.

Fortunately, AirTags and Apple TV are a match made in heaven. The best selling proposition of the tile trackers is that no remote control is ever going to be lost under the seat cushion. If Apple rides this trend, it may actually use this marketing ploy to cross-sell the two new devices.

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