New ‘Amnesia Rebirth’ trailer shows off the new scares in the sequel

Perhaps the scariest game to launch this year is the highly anticipated Amnesia Rebirth. A lot of players didn’t think the game is scary enough with the first trailer, but that could change now.

FrictionalGames’ Amnesia Rebirth is going to launch later this month just in time for Halloween. Now that the release date is only a few weeks away, the developers are showcasing what’s to come in the game. Here’s everything we saw in the gameplay trailer.

Health and sanity meters

Returning in the sequel are the trademark health and sanity meters from the first game. If players venture into a dark room or see a monster or other horrific sight, their sanity meter will go down. Making it dive even deeper will result in a game over.

This means players will have to take care of their health and sanity meters at the same time.

Light and dark

As compared to the first game, Amnesia Rebirth features a ton of areas with great lighting. This is great for those struggling with the horror elements in the game. There are still a lot of dark rooms and corridors to venture into though.

Based on the trailer, players will be using matches and an electric lamp as a source of light. It’s likely that even the electric lamp’s usage will be limited. As for the matches, it will eventually die out when lit. As such, players will need to find a candle or a small lamp to light up before the match dies.


A huge part of the first game were puzzle elements. Those make a return in the sequel too. In the trailer, we see the player trying to find ingredients to make ammo for a tank. Along the way, players will have to avoid environmental hazards as well.

Monsters return

Like in the previous game, players will be tormented by monsters throughout the entirety of the game. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the monster for the title, but we can see that their eyes light up in the dark.

Amnesia Rebirth launches for the PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 20. The game arrives just in time for Halloween. Fans of the original games should definitely get this one as this serves as a direct sequel. We’ll see if the developers can outdo the scares of the cult class, Amnesia The Dark Descent.

Image used courtesy of frictionalgames/YouTube

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