New ‘Apex Legends’ leak reveals new gadget weapon

New Apex Legends Season 6 teaser is out in World's Edge

Fans have been enjoying Apex Legends Season 6 so far, and the battle royale is now more fast-paced. There will be more content coming to the game, though, so fans have a lot to look forward to.

Dataminers have been diligent when it comes to finding what’s to come to Apex LegendsAside from new heirlooms, LTMs, and events, some dataminers have also uncovered that there’s a new weapon coming to the game real soon.

New gadget weapon

Community leaker Shrugtal notes that Respawn Entertainment still has a few tricks up its sleeve for this season of the battle royale. As per a recent datamine, there will be quite a few new things coming to the game, including a special gadget weapon that was seen during the recent stream from the developer.

As per the dataminer, Respawn Entertainment could be adding non-combat throwables to the game. This is according to what is found in the game’s files.

Sadly, Shrugtal isn’t able to test the new gadgets yet. However, he has an idea of what these weapons could be. As per the dataminer, non-combat gadgets could include things like a smoke grenade. These are weapons that don’t do damage to enemies.

When will it arrive?

Shrugtal didn’t say when these weapons will arrive for Apex Legends. Moreover, he didn’t say whether the gadget weapons are going to be a permanent addition or are just part of an LTM. Regardless, the gadgets could be coming soon, knowing that they are already within the game’s files.

These non-combat throwables will further add a new depth to the game. However, some players are concerned that a smoke grenade-like throwable will make Bangalore an obsolete character. Currently, she’s the only one capable of disorienting enemies with her smoke bomb.

There could be other non-combat throwables to be added to the game. The frag grenade, thermite grenade, and arc star are the only throwable weapons in the game so far. They have been present in the game since the first day, and Respawn Entertainment is yet to add a new throwable under this field.

If these new weapons do come to Apex Legends this season, then fans are expecting the meta to change drastically. Players will be forced to add in these non-combat throwables to their arsenal as it can drastically turn the tides of battle once used properly.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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