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New ‘Apex Legends’ Season 6 teaser is out in World’s Edge


Apex Legends season 6 is fast approaching. With that in mind, a new teaser appears on the World’s Edge map.

It looks like there will be a lot of changes in the Apex Legends season 6. Players discovered the first teaser during the “Broken Ghost” quest.

The last part of the quest saw a simulacrum hanging. It is then revealed to be Ash, a Titanfall antagonist who has fallen in the previous game.

While hanging, she uttered the words, “Welcome to Olympus.”

The teaser prompted players to speculate whether World’s Edge will still be part of the games.

Apex Legend season 6 teasers are on its way

The quest posed as a clue on what will happen to the location of games. Loba might continue her hunt for Revenant on the planet Psmathe. It is also the location of Olympus, the place mentioned by Ash.

Despite all clues leading to a new area, Respawn ticked the imagination of players by placing a Hammond Robotics “future worksite” signage near The Dome.

This hints that there will be a change coming to the area. However, it is still unclear what will happen there.

There are also land surveys scattered throughout the map. Previous seasons witnessed a new location on previous land survey locations.

The most notable of this is the land survey clue on the Fuel Depot. When the season updated, a new location called Harvester was put up.

Second map teaser is out

One day after putting up the Hammond Robotics signage, Respawn placed a huge crane near the Sorting Factory.

The crane is located near the ledge heading to Lava City. It contains a part that looks like a rocket thruster of a NASA spaceship.

It is not a huge deal basing on its looks alone. However, it is worth noting that Respawn places a clue whenever a new map is coming.

Back in season 2, the developer teased the new season 3 map by posting a dropship image. It meant that the dropship is headed to a new location.

The same thing may be deduced in the clues revealed recently. The crane and the rocket might be a hint to the vehicle of the Legends as they move to Olympus.

However, that may not be the case. It might be a simple point of interest that Hammond Robotics needed to take control of the World’s Edge.

Four more teasers expected to arrive

Season 6 is slated to arrive this August 10. It is around three months since the season 5 release.

According to Shrugtal, an Apex Legends data miner, the next teaser will arrive on August 2. The other teasers will arrive three days apart from each other.

That is the only clue that players have so far. Three clues have arrived so far. Hopefully, the next clues will be more specific on what will happen to the games.

Apex Legends season 6 is expected to bring a new Legend and a new map. Respawn might add a new weapon as fans have been clamoring for one.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of Apex Legends

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