Apple AirPods Studio over-ear headphones will cost $349

Reports claim that Apple will release a brand new over-ear headphones to the AirPods line later this year. 

The rumors on Apple AirPods Studio’s name, price, and codename came from Jon Prosser – whose latest track report with Apple leaks has been remarkable.

The reports that the wearable will be named the AirPods Studio comes from the tech analyst who also claimed that the over-ear headphones will come with a price tag of $349.

Prosser’s information carries a square piece of weight.  Although as always, nothing is official until Apple says it is. Product plans can quickly change, particularly with the coronavirus sweeping the world.


The over-ear headphones will still carry the word AirPods in the name. The complete name would be Apple AirPods Studio, according to Prosser. Going by Prosser’s tweet, Apple is sticking to the AirPods moniker that would suggest the tech giants will phase out Beats as Prosser had tweeted earlier this month.


The current Beats flagship pair is the Beats Studio 3 Wireless which is priced at $349.95. That’s the same price Prosser is predicting for the new Apple Studio pair. If the prediction is accurate, the cost suggests Apple sees those over-ear headphones as the absolute top-flight for audio quality.

Previous speculations had named the price at $399. Hence, these headphones will be available at a cheaper or more expensive value than what Apple fans have been expecting. However, how Apple might rate AirPods Studio internationally remains unclear.


At this fee, users expect the AirPods Studio to have a noise-canceling feature. Prosser confirms that they do. If Apple’s audio engineers can convey the same system to endure for lively noise-cancellation that is determined at the AirPods Pro, then Studio users can be in for a treat.

While AirPods Studio is evidently tipped to integrate active noise cancellation, Prosser said Apple will be integrating Siri’s assistance as well. 


The earpads would be connected to the headphones frame through magnets. That makes the parts easily replaced by the user. What’s exciting is that Apple, apparently, is also going to make the headbands attach by magnets, too. This may want to make the headphones more customizable. More details here

Release date

Although users already know the exact price for the AirPods Studio, the release date remains uncertain. Later this year is what’s in the forecast. Rumors say it will be released, but is not limited to WWDC, on June 22. 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple’s over-ear headphones may have its mass production in mid-2020, which may suggest a fall 2020 launch.

Image courtesy of Free-Photos/Pixabay 

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