New Apple health device feature can make the medical profession easier


A new Apple health device features can make the work of medical professionals easier through innovation especially through the Apple Watch.

Apple has been tearing it in the consumer device technology sector. This year has been great for the company as a whole. The first and second quarter of the year was highlighted by launches of two successful devices in the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro 2020.

By the time this article is published, WWDC 2020 updates must be rolling out across news sites already. That too will be one of the company’s greater achievements this year. While the company is already doing stellar in the consumer device market, it still has huge room for growth in its health device department.

Apple Watch highlights

The initial plan for the Apple Watch was just to be a second screen for daily smartphone users. However, its functions have evolved throughout the years. At present, the Apple Watch is being used more for health reasons than being just a second screen. In fact, more users are relying on the Apple Watch’s health tracking features more than ever.

The Apple Watch is capable of monitoring heartbeats, sleep patterns, and so much more. Soon, it will reportedly be able to take the user’s blood pressure too without the bulky inflating arm or wrist band. Also, Apple will be rolling out anxiety attack detection features through a WatchOS update.

Apple health design team

Apple has been beefing up its team Apple health device team. These teams are composed of medical professionals, health practitioners, and engineers. They work hand in hand in designing Apple-patented devices that are Apple trademarked easy to use for consumers.

Apple’s design team may still introduce powerful features in their devices. In fact, they still have yet to tap the women’s health industry and the elderly’s health sectors. Both of these combined can generate huge revenues for the company as they have particular sets of needs that an Apple-designed health device may provide.

Downside of consumer tech health devices

Many doctors in the United States are reportedly not trusting data gathered from consumer health devices. They claim that the data provided by the patients from the devices are sometimes not accurate. Additionally, some are not educated or willing to learn how to use these devices.

Nonetheless, some features of the Apple Watch are on the good side of doctors. They particularly like the step tracking and sleep tracking of the device. Eventually, the blood pressure monitoring of the Apple Watch will be scrutinized by the doctors.

Image courtesy of Gian Prosodcimo/ Unsplash

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