New Apple HomePod and revamped iPad set for release

A new and more affordable Apple HomePod and a revamped iPad is in the lineup for Apple’s massive September releases.

The pandemic has been brutal to several tech companies around the world. Many have been forced to trim their forecast projections down because of poor consumer demands. They were also challenged in their releases. Instead of doing regular live events, some have settled with online launches.

Despite the recession, it seems like Apple is firm in its stance. Unlike other companies that have seen a decline in sales and shipments, Apple remains formidable. As a result, forecasts for the company are exceptionally well.

Their September event will launch the new iPhone models and the Apple Watches. In addition, the new HomePod and a new iPad is also expected to be released.

A revamped Apple HomePod

It has already been two years since Apple released the original Apple HomePod. Since then, avid users of the smart home speakers have been clamoring for a revamp. Apple listened. As such, they are expected to release two new home speakers sometime in September. The first set of speakers will allegedly be called the Apple HomePod 2.

Its form factor is expected to remain largely the same as its predecessor. However, it is likely to come with better sounding speakers and greater Siri support. It is also expected to feature a more advanced chip for faster voice-recognition and memory capacities.

New Apple HomePod and revamped iPad set for release

WhatHifi was also able to roundup some patents filed by Apple for smart home speakers. The patents reveal that the speakers that Apple is developing could have FaceID. In other words, there is an added level of security for the user. If this patent lands in the HomePod 2, it will completely change the smart home speakers industry.

New Apple tablet also set for release

Earlier during the year, rumors pointed to the idea that Apple is going to refresh the iPad Air. However, just a couple of weeks ago, new rumors surfaced about Apple going all-in on the base model of the iPad. As of the moment, only Apple can confirm or deny these rumors. Nevertheless, Apple experts seem to think that the iPad will see the light of day in September.

The new iPad 8th generation will allegedly look like the iPad Pro. It is also expected to sport a USB-C port where versatility will be the highlight. Moreover, the new iPad could feature the latest mini-LED screen tech that offers true and deep black colors.

Images from Daniel Cañibano/ Unsplash and Frank Gaertner/Shutterstock

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