New Apple leak reveals shocking iPhone 12 design

Mixed with good and bad news, Apple’s iPhone 12 is still the much-awaited phone this year. The design is superb, rumors confirm.

Ahead of its release, Apple’s iPhone 12 alleged design was leaked by a tipster named Mr. White. With his track record leaking Apple’s hardware, Mr. White was able to leak a possible design for the upcoming iPhone 12.

On his Twitter account, Mr. White shared a photo of what it looked like inside an iPhone 12. While the news that Apple is leaning towards a more angular new design has been confirmed when it comes to Face ID, Mr. White confirmed that there would be no changes in its size.

Like in 2017’s iPhone X, the large notch will not be reduced to 2020. Though many are expecting this move to reduce the notch to a smaller one that will give a better aesthetic, it seems that this will not take place any sooner.

We are not sure which iPhone 12 line-up maintained the large notch

New Apple Leak Reveals Shocking iPhone 12 Design

Though leaker Mr. White did not mention among the three iPhone 12 models that have maintained the large notch, and based on the leaked photo, it seems that it is on the new entry-level 5.4-inch phone only. We can see a light at the end of the tunnel, most especially for those who are disgusted with the large notch.

There could be a high possibility that Apple is for the smaller notch and bet the price is too expensive for this consideration. A smaller notch could be for the Pro and Pro Max variants, which come with hefty price tags.

Is the phone 5G ready?

In the leaked photo, you will also notice a move of the logic board to the other side. The repositioning of this could also be due to creating space for a 5G antenna module for the iPhone 12 models.

The SIM card slot is also moved to the left side of the device under the volume button, and this could also be attributed to the space allotted for the 5G antenna module.

We can at least say that there is hope, after all, that this 5G equipped iPhone 12 model could save us from our disappointment, as Forbes tells us from their story. Aside from multi-generated leaps, widescreen size, and fast charging, other leaked reports have good and bad sides.

Some reports suggest that there will be delays in launching the iPhone 12 models due to 5G, There are also reports that suggest that one of its camera lens suppliers has issues with defects traced during test runs but will not affect the release of the models.

Given the reports and alleged issues the iPhone 12 is facing, they are still optimistic that this will go as planned, and surely customers are waiting for the day of its launch.

Image used courtesy of iupdate/YouTube Screenshot

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