New Apple TV will not hit the shelves until next year

New Apple TV will not hit the shelves until next year

The new Apple TV will most likely not be released this year following almost five years of just incremental upgrades on the TV streaming device.

Apple is preparing for something big towards the end of the year. It suffered through the pandemic in terms of its productions. However, its shipments still remain strong despite the setbacks. As such, it is ready to make another big splash as a closer for the year.

The iPhone 12 will obviously highlight the final launch this year. Alongside it will be the Apple Watch and a new iPad. For the last device, it’s still a toss coin as to whether it will be the iPad base model or the iPad Air. Be that as it may, one thing for sure is that Apple TV users will have to wait for next year to get their long-awaited upgrade.

New Apple TV could be released next year

Bloomberg reports that Apple is preparing for an upgrade on its own streaming device. Several users have complained about the lack of support on the device. In addition, it seems like the device is not one of the priorities of the company. Be that as it may, they may actually get what they have been asking for.

The report states that Apple is going to use a newer chipset on the device. It didn’t clarify whether it will be the A14 to be released this year or an older model. Nevertheless, any chipset after the A10 will be a welcome upgrade.

New Apple TV will not hit the shelves until next year

In addition, Apple will also reportedly revamp the cumbersome Apple TV remote. It didn’t clarify as to how the remote will be upgraded. Nevertheless, it will have a Find My remote feature embedded. In other words, while losing the remote will be easy, finding it will likewise be a breeze.

No concrete details about the new Apple TV have been leaked nor released. As such, it is expected to be released sometime next year.

Apple iPad base model upgrade

As mentioned earlier, no one can still confirm whether the iPad to be released this year will be the entry-level or the Air. Nevertheless, recent leaks point to the idea that it will be the former. Also, the leaks reveal that the iPad is set to receive its biggest upgrade in almost five years.

The leaks show that the iPad will soon look like the iPad Pro. Instead of having a TouchID, the iPad will allegedly sport a front-facing camera capable of supporting FaceID. In addition, it will also sport a boxier form factor similar to the iPad Pro. Not only that, but the iPad will also allegedly jump from the Lightning port to a USB-C port.

Not all of these leaks can be confirmed. However, fans will just have to wait a little longer as Apple is expected to release these devices within the month.


Image from LiLin/ Unsplash and Kelly Sikkema/ Unsplash

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