New Asus Zenbook laptops will utilize 10th generation Intel processors

New Asus Zenbook laptops will utilize 10th generation Intel processors

The upcoming Asus Zenbook laptops will receive huge upgrades in the form of the 10th generation Intel processors.

Apart from new processors, the new Asus Zenbook laptops will also be thinner and lighter, according to Asus. The laptops are also optimized to be very power efficient. Asus claims that the two laptops can reach a battery life of up to 22 hours.

New Asus Zenbook laptops

The new Zenbook laptops will come in two configurations. One model has a 13.3-inch display, and the other has a bigger 14-inch display. The two laptops use the NanoEdge display technology, which means they have very thin bezels.

Both models also sport the same set of connectivity ports and other features. Both models have HDMI, USB-A, and USB-C Thunderbolt ports. Memory options are limited to a maximum of 8GB, although storage space can be customized by up to 512GB SSD option.

The two laptops have facial recognition support through the embedded webcam. This means that users can log in to their device using the Windows Hello system. Both models also support Wi-Fi 6, the latest standard in Wi-Fi technology.

Both laptops are currently available on the official Asus online store. Online retailers like Amazon and Newegg also offer quite a number of promotions for the laptops.
The base model of the Zenbook 13 starts at US$800[AU$1,121], while the Zenbook 14 starts at US$900[AU$1,261].

Specs and features

The Zenbook 13 combines high-end specs with competitive pricing. The laptop boasts premium hardware specs at an affordable price range. This is one of the many selling points of the laptop.

In terms of processing power, the Zenbook 13 can be configured in two flavors. Either equip it with a Core i5-8250U processor or a Core i7-8550U one. Memory configuration is limited to 8GB or 16GB setup.

The Zenbook 14 is a step ahead of its sibling. The laptop can be configured with either a Core i7-8565U or a Core i5-8265U processor. Both setups use an Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5 VRAM graphics card.

The laptop market is getting crowded, and manufacturers are trying all tricks to stand out on top of the rest. The latest Asus lineup combines powerful hardware with reasonable pricing. However, the market is getting competitive by the day.

The new Asus Zenbook laptops are designed for typical office and basic computing requirements. While the laptops are not exactly powerful workhorses, their price point is extremely interesting. Considering their combination of price and specs, these laptops are worth considering.

Featured image courtesy of Asus Store

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