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New batch of ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch consoles are coming


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a big hit for Nintendo Switch and so was the themed console of its own title. A new batch is reportedly on its way for distribution soon.

Speculations are at its peak with the return of the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch to the store shelves. Boxes of this special edition have already spotted on known retail stores.

Of course, in generality, there’s been a huge shortage of Switch consoles since the pandemic started. The demand for it was high, most especially when Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nonetheless, it looks like Nintendo is somehow back to its console production and in time for the holidays as well.

Word on the vine about the special edition

Popular gaming-centric social media figure, Warior64, tweeted on Wednesday that “reports and evidence” reveal that the Animal Crossing Switch Editions are “trickling back into retail.”

He shared a screenshot of a probably deleted Facebook post from Nintendo, announcing the restocking.

Nintendo Australia confirmed the said return via a tweet, as pointed out by Warrior64. Nintendo AU NZ not only confirmed the restocking but also when to expect it hitting the shelves for distribution—October 9.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has already spotted a few units at his local Target location, NintendoWire reports.

Despite the Switch being more than three-years-old, its sales are yet to reach its ideal peak. In fact, Micky News previously reported that Katsuhiko Hayashi of the Famitsu Group believes Switch sales will gain momentum at the end of this year.

Perhaps the release of the Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch is part of the plan to boost the sales. It wouldn’t be a surprise as its pastel color does attract consumers of all ages.

Other Animal Crossing news

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was one of the unexpected game trends in 2020. As GameRant reports the title “ launched at possibly the perfect timeframe.”

Launching in March, the game became an immediate hit. Its phenomenon piqued the interest of the many, which may have been why there was a hunt for Switch consoles amid a stock shortage.

Purchasing an Animal Crossing-themed Switch wouldn’t be much of a waste. First off, Nintendo is yet to reveal when it will actually release a next-gen version of it. Rumor has it the next one might still be as far off as 2023.

Second, a big Fall update is reportedly on its way, and if you’re a big fan of the game, purchasing the special edition will be part of any fan’s collection.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo AU NZ/Twitter

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