New bugs and fishes in ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Northern Hemisphere

Each new month is a big one for players of Animal Crossing New Horizons, as this means they are a step closer to completing their collections at the museum. Now that June is here, there are new creatures to catch on the player’s islands.

Those who picked Northern Hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons are in for a treat as the region will get more bugs and fishes. The Southern Hemisphere isn’t getting much as winter is about to hit this region.


There will be many fishes coming to the game, but let’s start with those that players can catch by the river. Found in the river from 9AM – 4 PM & 9PM – 4AM with a small shadow are Piranhas. Found in the river all day long with a medium shadow are tilapia.  From 4PM to 4AM and 9PM to 4AM with large shadows are the Arowana and Saddled Bichir.

If players see a very large shadow from 4AM to 9PM, then that might be the Dorado. From 4PM to 9AM with a huge shadow are Arapaimas.

Moving to the see, players can catch the ribbon eel all day long, and it has a thin shadow. Also caught all day long but with a large shadow is the suckerfish.

Sharks will be moving to Animal Crossing New Horizons as well, so players should spot huge shadows with fin by the sea soon. These are the whale shark, great white shark, hammerhead shark, and the saw shark. All except the whale shark can be caught from 4PM to 9AM. The whale shark can be caught any time of the day.

The pond will have two new inhabitants. First is the giant snakehead, which has a very large shadow and can be caught from the pond from 9AM to 4PM. The other is the Gar with a huge shadow and can be caught from 4PM to 9AM.


Bugs are coming as well. Found flying from 5PM to 8AM is the emperor butterfly. From 7PM to 4AM, players can catch the firefly so staying up late may be worth it. Then from 5PM to 4AM, players can catch mosquitos on their island.

Found latched to trees all day long are drone beetles. Then from 7PM to 8AM, players can catch the rainbow stag. Exclusive to palm trees are the goliath beetle which can be caught from 5PM to 8AM.

These are the new critters that are available in the Northern Hemisphere of Animal Crossing New HorizonsPlayers should be looking for these now as they’ll be gone by next month.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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