New changes to come as ‘Pokemon GO’ Fest 2020 goes digital

New changes to come as 'Pokemon GO' Fest 2020 goes digital

Niantic will keep the Pokemon GO Fest tradition alive, despite the pandemic. It will turn the noted physical event into a grand digital event that all trainers will enjoy.

Niantic recently updated the AR game’s blog to announce the dates for Pokemon GO Fest 2020. The makers expressed how its 2019 event was indeed groundbreaking.

For this year, the program will be very different from what the trainers are used to, considering the ongoing pandemic. Nevertheless, Niantic is adamant about proceeding with the well-loved fest, and so the adjustments will be made, similar to what it did with the current gameplay.

As the makers have put it, “this year, we’re bringing you a totally reimagined Pokémon GO Fest experience.”

What we know so far

There are little details revealed on the official announcement. What is set solid so far is the dates, which will be on July 25 and 26.

Unlike last year, where events happened simultaneously in different countries, such as Chicago, Dortmund, and Yokohama, for 2020, the whole world will take part, but in a “virtual format.”

Another change that has been pointed out is, trainers will be able to attend both days because it’ll be logistically possible, considering it’s going to be digital.

Marketing & Global Live Events Director Michael Steranka said in Niantic‘s own blog:

This year’s Pokémon GO Fest is designed from the ground up to connect Trainers like never before. While we’ll miss celebrating with each other in a beautiful park, we’ve come up with new ways for the community to connect and team up together that we’ll roll out during the summer. It will be an exciting weekend for the entire family, with new experiences, gameplay, and surprises throughout the event.

So far, Niantic has been successful in transitioning the gameplay to a more indoor-conducive setup. Therefore, it’ll be quite interesting as to how they will be able to completely reimagine the congregated event into a global virtual format.

Other Pokemon GO news

Meanwhile, the game is scheduled for a seven-hour global downtime on June 1. This could be to update further adjustment to its gameplay.

Micky News previously reported that the devs over at Niantic will add a new AR feature called “Reality Blending.” This is to make the Pokemons seem more realistic as it virtually stands in front of the players.

Also, Weedle and Gastly won the Community Day voting poll for June and July, so the upcoming C-Day mechanics might also be part of the big server update.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2020!


Featured image courtesy of Pokemon GO/Twitter

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