New changes to Moira being tested in ‘Overwatch’ again

Moira probably has the record for the most tweaked hero in Overwatch, and Blizzard isn’t done balancing her out yet. A new experimental card in the game is being tested, and once again, she’s the focus.

Just last month, Overwatch tested new tweaks for Moira in an experimental card. However, the changes didn’t push through as the community didn’t exactly like the changes added by Blizzard. This time around, Blizzard has another approach to Moira and her kit.

New experimental card changes tested

There are several changes being tested for Moira in the new experimental card. For starters, her Biotic Grasp’s angle has been reduced by 37%. This means that it will be easier for players to break free from Moira’s basic attack by moving away from her line of sight. This is a nerf to her as currently, she can easily deal damage to others.

The biggest change for Moira is for her Biotic Orb. When she releases a damage orb, it will now latch on to enemies instead of going through them. It will only deal damage to enemies if it sticks to them. It will deal with a constant 60 DPS to all affected enemies.

Moreover, it can remain latched on to enemies for three seconds or up until it deals 120 damage to the target. On the other hand, the orb is now destroyed if it hits an enemy barrier. Its bounce has also been reduced to one. Since it’s now faster, the orb will be easier to use as well.

Other changes

Aside from her massive changes in Biotic Orb, the Overwatch experimental card also once again tries out the fade buff from before. Players can test it out if they missed it on the first try. The difference is that the fade buff no longer frees allies from Zarya and Sigma’s ultimate abilities.

Reaper is getting a nerf tested out in the experimental card. In it, he can no longer break free from the effects of Zarya and Sigma’s ultimate when he is activating his Wraith Form. Players of Reaper aren’t going to like this as his Wraith Form is his primary means of getting out of harm’s way.

The new Overwatch experimental card will be out for a few days, so players should test things out as soon as possible. If the community likes the changes, we’ll see these tweaks in a future update.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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