New Cointree services to accommodate crypto ‘whales’

Australian cryptocurrency exchange, Cointree, will soon offer an extended range of high-end investment services, following a partnership deal with cryptocurrency consultancy firm Caleb and Brown.

Caleb and Brown is a Melbourne-based brokerage business providing digital currency solutions tailored to high net worth and advanced investors.

The firm specialises in wallet setup and security, crypto tax assessment, diversification and rapid liquidation of positions into fiat currency. A section of services will be offered complimentary to Cointree clients.

Cointree CEO, Shane Stevenson, is hopeful the partnership will see more multi-million dollar crypto trades executed on the Cointree platform.

“I believe that the partnership with Caleb and Brown will be beneficial for our high net worth members who would want a smooth and easy process when it comes to making large investments of up to $5 million per individual trade in cryptocurrency.

“Our vision at Cointree has always been focused around our members, as we continue to add features into our platform and form partnerships.

“Such partnerships give our members more options when it comes to investing into cryptocurrency,” said Stevenson.

Caleb and Brown CEO, Dr Prash P, is hopeful the Cointree partnership will prompt more investors to consider digital currency.

“Caleb and Brown welcome such partnerships as an essential component of our larger aim; A unification of the Crypto community to bridge the big gap that exists between the traditional finance industry and the new, emerging fields of FinTech, ” Dr Prash said.

In a separate move towards attracting higher value trades, Cointree recently increased internet/mobile banking purchase limits to $5,000-$20,000  (varying per customer).

Cointree will be launching a new platform and brand refresh over the next few weeks.

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