New coronavirus rules in Rome, protestors pelt riot

New coronavirus restrictions have been imposed all around Itlay due to the surge in the cases. These restrictions will start from Monday and will continue till November 24. However, the angry masked protestors have pelted demonstrations across Rome.

On Saturday night, far-right, neo-fascist political groups demonstrated new coronavirus rules. The restrictions include an overnight curfew in Rome. The government has set early curfews for bars, cafes, and restaurants and has asked people to wear masks outdoors. The cafes and restaurants in Rome do not even start serving before 8 pm.

The restrictions cut down on revenues. Cafes and eateries were permitted to resume late after the spring lockdown for open-air feasting or limited indoor seating.

“We aim to protect health and the economy,” Mr. Conte said on Sunday.

Coronavirus in Italy

Italy passed half a million mark of COVID-19 cases since February. It became the only country struck with the coronavirus in Europe. The daily cases have shown a surge. They are now close to 20,000 in the past two days alone.

Restrictions in the lockdown

The Prime minister of Italy has notified about strict restrictions during this lockdown phase. This will help restrict the infections. He has further promised to provide financial help and support from his government to the food and agricultural sector.

Restaurants should not accept delivery orders until midnight. Per table capacity in a restaurant will not exceed four if everyone belongs to the same family. In all other cases, one person is allowed per table.

Under new rules, ski slopes are off-limits to all but competitive skiers as far as football is concerned. All spectators are banned from stadiums during professional sports matches.

Receptions after religious or civil ceremonies like weddings are not allowed.

Partial restrictions

As per the restrictions, children below six years of age and adults exercising outdoors may not wear masks.

Cinemas, gyms, and pools have closed, and he added: “If we can’t go to the gym, we can exercise outdoors.”

The government has kept elementary schools open. Meanwhile, high school students would have online classes.

Since schools reopened last month, the crowing in public transport has concerned health authorities.

New virus caseloads dropped to as low as 200 a day by early summer after Italy’s lockdown was all but lifted.

“We did it then, we can do it now,” Mr. Conte said, warning that without any vaccine available, “it’s not like we’ll all be able to hug each other’ during the holidays.”

Image courtesy of Marco Iacobucci Epp/Shutterstock

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