New ‘Deathloop’ trailer reveals crucial gameplay details


Assassination title Deathloop received a new trailer that fleshes out its gameplay pillars. Players can disrupt timelines, which can drastically change how it works.

Arkane Studios recently released a new trailer at the PS5 Games Showcase event. The footage details how players can make assassinations efficient through the use of quirks. By knowing the target’s events in Deathloop, it can change how an assassination goes.

Deathloopers need to do more than eliminate targets

Loop is a time-traveling role-playing FPS promising tons of assassination action. The game combines Hitman and Dishonored and blends it further with the movie Looper. If fans look at the footage, it’s a robust game with a catch.

The challenge of the game is unlike any other assassination title. In other titles, all players have to do is to kill eight targets. Deathloopers, however, need to kill eight targets in a single day before the loop restarts.

While such a challenge is not formidable by all accounts, the game twists the player’s arm further. The entire island where the assassination missions happen is expansive. There isn’t enough time to kill eight targets, one at a time and then travel.

Players would need to make some adjustments, mostly from what they learn. The game is as much an information gathering game as it is an assassination title. Gamers will learn quirks, personalities, and even target schedules for the day.

For example, one of the targets in the game is Aleksis Dorsey. Dorsey likes to throw parties, which makes it a great way to eliminate multiple targets. However, Egor Serling, one of the targets, can’t make it to the party.


Players will find out that Serling gets a breakthrough with his experiment. This scientific achievement prevents him from going to the party. Astute players can go in, destroy his experiments, and stop the breakthrough.

From here, Serling won’t get a breakthrough, which makes him visit the party instead. Once they’re at the party, Serling and Dorsey are available for a double kill. This type of world change gives players multiple ways to finish their targets.

Loopers need to play smart

Deathloop is a much-awaited title and seems to be one of the smarter games of recent times. Knowing schedules, quirks, personalities, and habits can be advantageous. Lining up people to make an efficient kill is always the goal.

With the loop in question, another detail that the game shows are invasions. Much like Dark Souls, other players can invade the game, with only the player character as their target. It’s a great way to spoil the fun and prevents idling around.

Deathloop will come out early next year. The game delayed from its supposed release this year due to the pandemic.

Images courtesy of Bethesda Softworks/Youtube Screenshot

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