New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie: Franchise drops first-ever promo

new Dragon Ball Super movie

Fans are now waiting to know more about the untitled new Dragon Ball Super movie. Thankfully, a new promo has dropped, though it still lacks the details fans want to know.

Akira Toriyama has proudly talked about his involvement in the new Dragon Ball Super movie. But, as the new promo unveils the franchise’s previous films’ villains, does it hint a new antagonist is coming?

The Mysterious Promo

The latest issue of V Jump gives a glimpse of the new promo. Though it doesn’t provide any further look at the new movie’s animation, it drops the past films’ summary.

It also includes a new quote from Toriyama himself, which seems to raise some fans’ eyebrows. Why?

According to Comicbook, the creator reveals the new Dragon Ball Super movie will “carve a new history” for the series. So, what does it mean?

Thanks to Twitter user DBS Hype, he shares a clip from the promotional material, which seems to hint at the future of the movie.

So far, Toriyama has been mum about the new movie installment. However, he once revealed that it wouldn’t center on the theme “power” like Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

There are theories that the new film will feature time travel. Wherever the franchise will take the new story, fans are all up for it.

New Movie Announcement

The new Dragon Ball Super movie was announced at the recent Goku Day on May 9. This will be the first time a film under this brand will continue on the big screen after Broly.

On the other hand, its anime version had officially concluded in March 2018 after 133 episodes. Here, Android 17 won the Tournament of Power for the Universe 7 team.

Broly was then released in the same year. It was a huge box office success and even reimagined the character of Broly from the past Dragon Ball Z movies.

It was his first time to be part of the canon and fans seemed to like it, per Screenrant.

Here, Frieza unleashed the Legendary Super Saiyan, which was known for being out of control, on Goku and Vegeta.

Now that a new movie is in development, will it be anything near Broly’s story? Will it tell a brand-new tale that fans have not seen yet?

The movie in question is yet to receive a title, but everyone knows that a sequel to Broly will be made instead of a new Dragon Ball Super anime series.

So far, nobody knows when the new Dragon Ball Super movie will come, though fans expect it to be out in 2022.

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