New experimental card buffs McCree and Orisa in ‘Overwatch’

The experimental cards in Overwatch introduce a host of new changes that Blizzard wants to present to the game. The previous changes in the experimental card had been questionable, but the new one has fans excited.

There’s a new experimental card in Overwatch, and it features buffs for both McCree and Orisa. This is big news, especially for Orisa’s fans, as just recently, the tank got a significant nerf that pushed her back to the meta. Here are the most notable changes in the new patch.


This tank is probably the biggest winner in the experimental card. In the tested changes, Orisa is getting 50 more armor while her projectile speed is increased from 90 to 120. In general, the changes make Orisa more capable of standing her ground even when she’s lone.

As one of the tank heroes in the game, Orisa should be more capable of sustaining herself on the frontline. Sadly, Blizzard didn’t revert the changes made to her shield.


Another winner in the card is McCree. He is getting some minor but noticeable buffs to some of his skills.

For starters, his Combat Roll is now 20% longer. This means it’s a more effective way of getting to and away from enemies. Most importantly, McCree cannot roll in the air. While this may not seem much, the change is going to make McCree more mobile in intense firefights.

His Flash Bang’s stun now lasts 0.1 seconds longer. Although minimal, the extra time will give McCree players more time to kill their targets.

Other changes

There are some minor changes in the Overwatch experimental card live now.

Ashe gets a small nerf to her dynamite. Now, the damage it causes upon the explosion is down to 50 from 75. This is a significant change in terms of burst damage, but the damage caused by the burn remains the same.

Baptiste also got a significant buff. His ultimate, Amplification Matrix, now charges 15% faster, making him a more viable pick as support.

Roadhog also got a significant buff in the patch. He can pull enemies 0.5 meters closer with his Chain Hook. This makes one-hit kills much easier for the tank.

These experimental card changes are now live for OverwatchThere are quite a few significant changes for some of the heroes in the game. Hopefully, these make it out of the experimental card as the meta needs to change up a bit.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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