New explosive Firefly Jar added to ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2 Season 3

Epic Games has added a new explosive called Firefly Jar in Fortnite. Unlike most items, the item can’t be found in chests and needs to be crafted.

Along with dozens of new mythical weapons for Chapter 2 Season 3, Epic Games has also released a few new items. One of them is a new explosive named Firefly Jar, which was included in the hotfix last July 23.

The Firefly Jar

Since the item is still in its “evaluation period,” the Firefly Jar may be removed in a future update. Alongside the map adjustments in Fortnite’s Season 3, the Firefly Jar is a new addition to the existing set of explosives in the game.

Like most items in Fortnite, the Firefly Jar is all about dealing damage. Players can throw the jar filled with fireflies to enemies. The new item deals fire damage to enemies.

It can deal up to 40 damage to anything it hits and will set objects on fire around the vicinity of the explosion. Players can carry up to three Firefly Jars in one inventory slot. However, this explosive can’t be looted anywhere on the map.

How to make Firefly Jars

Luckily, every player will begin the game with a few empty jars inside their inventories. All they have to do is find themselves some glowing bugs to fill the jar.

Now that the map is flooded, players can find bugs around coastal areas and other areas located near the water. However, these bugs are rare, but it’s a great place to begin looking if players want to try the new explosive.

Once a firefly is located, players must simply press the interact button to catch them. Now, the Firefly Jar is ready to light up enemies on fire.

Evaluation period of new items

Since the midweek of June, Epic Games started to evaluate new items added for Season 3. The developers will now evaluate newly added items for two weeks and will keep them out of tournaments and The Arena.

This is to guarantee that the new items will not cause issues in competitive matches and to ensure that they will add value to the game. Items that will not make the cut will be tweaked or worse, removed completely.

This move will help the developers in quickly disabling new items if there are bugs and glitches found. Regardless, the new Firefly Jar is still available in the game, working fine, and players are enjoying setting their opponents on fire.

Featured image courtesy of Fortnitely/YouTube Screenshot

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