New ‘Fallout 76’ trailer showcases the Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel is one of the most popular factions in the Fallout lore. This beloved faction will be joining Fallout 76 in the next expansion for the game titled, Steel Dawn.

The next major expansion for Fallout 76 is titled Steel Dawn. It’s the expansion that introduces the Brotherhood of Steel into the MMORPG and those who have been followers of this Faction will finally get to see the heavily armed group in Apppalachia.

New trailer drops

The trailer for the sixth expansion has finally dropped. Originally, the expansion was titled  Fractured Steel. We didn’t get a release date on the trailer but it does note that the expansion is going to release soon. We’ve also yet to see exactly what players can do in the DLC.

As per the trailer’s description, Steel Dawn will let players meet Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops. They are sent to Appalachia all the way from California in hopes of establishing a new chapter.

We’ve yet to know what this expansion will add to the game. Of course, there are sure to be some new NPCs, questlines, enemies, and armor. Hopefully, the release date for this DLC arrives soon as players are already excited to get their hands on it.

What is the Brotherhood of Steel?

In the Fallout universe, the Brotherhood of Steel serves as some of the most prominent factions left after the bombs fell. They are distinguished mostly by their arms. The faction is heavily armed as they weild powerful weapons and most are even clad in Power Armor.

They serve to protect the remaining survivors from Ghouls and Synths alike. They are ruthless in their goal to protect others. They are also categorized by their code of chivalry which is very similar to the traditional knight code from the renaissance era.

For the MMORPG, it’s likely that the faction will be up to their radical ways once again. Fans are hoping that the group gives them access to some amazing Power Armor and weapons. Of course, a deep storyline and quests will be appreciated as well.

Fallout 76 is considerably better than what it was a couple of years ago. The Steel Dawn expansion will further add new features and gameplay mechanics to the title. Hopefully, the Steel Dawn expansion lives up to the promise as players have high expectations of it as well.

Image used courtesy of Fallout/YouTube

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