New ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ CGI trailer gives us a better look at Jin Sakai

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is the next big PlayStation 4 game, and it’s going to release three weeks from now. Sony is giving us a tease of the upcoming samurai epic with a new CGI trailer featuring Jin Sakai.

Ghost of Tsushima is going to launch on July 17, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Sony is teasing fans with a deeper look at the game. In its most recent trailer, Sony showcases an intimate look at Jin Sakai through a full CGI trailer focusing more on his combat and stealth prowess.

A Storm is Coming

The new CGI trailer is called A Storm is Coming, and it starts off showing Jin Sakai landing on the isle of Tsushima, which is the game’s primary setting. We are then treated to a showcase of Jin’s skills with the katana, which is said to be one of the main highlights of the game.

Aside from his combat skills with a sword, the trailers also show his ability to take out enemies silently when he goes full stealth mode as the ‘Ghost’ of the island. From the look of things, the two playstyles are going to be vastly different, and it will feel like players are going to get two characters within Jin.

In the game, players can upgrade Jin’s skills as a samurai. This allows him to have better combos and to have better timing with his attacks. The samurai playstyle is more direct, so players will need to equip Jin with the right armor if they want to keep him alive.

When playing as the Ghost of Tsushima, Jin not only becomes a master of stealth, he also becomes a master of various tools, which includes smoke bombs, firecrackers, and more.

Instant game of the year?

Sucker Punch’s upcoming samurai epic is looking to be an instant game of the year contender. It’s biggest competitor, for now, might be The Last of Us 2. It seems like the developer put in a lot of heart into the game and it’s mechanics and it’s going to be exciting to see what how well the game is when it arrives.

Ghost of Tsushima launches three weeks from now exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and it’s going to. Players should make their pre-orders as soon as possible as it seems like this game is going to get sold out pretty quickly in stores.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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