New ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ details revealed

New Ghost of Tsushima Details Revealed

The PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, is one of the most anticipated titles of 2020. As its June 26 release date is coming closer, we’re getting more details about this samurai epic.

More details on the game were revealed in its article at the Official PlayStation Magazine. As the article suggests, developer Sucker Punch is still eyeing for the June 26 release date despite the current conditions pertaining to COVID-19. What fans should be excited for, though, are new gameplay details that truly make Ghost of Tsushima as a candidate for game of the year.

No waypoint markers

The island of Tsushima is lush as per the trailers. We’ve yet to know exactly how large it will be, but from the look of things, the world will be grand and filled with beauty and dangers alike.

It seems like Sucker Punch wants the players to utilize the map fully throughout the game. As per the article, there will be no waypoint markers in the game. This means that if players have to get to one point, they’ll have to rely on their understanding of the world, and they’ll also need to have a keen sense of direction as well.

Enemy camps will be present

Throughout the island, there will be many camps that are home to the enemy. It will be up to the player on how they can make these camps disappear. They can fight the enemies inside the camp head-on, or if they choose, they can sneak and kill off enemies one by one as the Ghost of Tsushima.

If the players prefer the latter, they’ll have access to an assortment of useful items such as a grappling hook, sticky bombs, and more.

Beware of your choices

Throughout the game, players will be getting new allies to help them along the way. However, players need to be aware of these choices are these allies aren’t temporary if they make the wrong actions in the game.

Depending on their choices, a player’s allies could turn his back and betray the Ghost. The article didn’t exactly say what choices lead to dire consequences, but from the look of things, players will need to always have the moral high ground.

Slowly but surely, Ghost of Tsushima is building up to be an amazing title. We’re sure that players are going to be more than excited when it launches for the PlayStation 4 this June.


Featured Image Courtesy of Sony

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