New ‘Godfall’ gameplay revealed at PS5 conference

The Future of Gaming conference was a big hit, and it showed some of the amazing titles coming to the console. One game that seems to capture the hearts of many is the launch title, Godfall.

Godfall is confirmed to be one of the first games for the PlayStation 5. Since being revealed last year, not much has been revealed about the game until today. At The Future of Gaming event, we finally got to see our first look at its gameplay. Here’s everything we know so far.

Intense melee combat

As we know, the game will focus on melee combat, and that was one of the highlights for the recent trailer of the game. Based on what we’ve seen, the game will be about chaining combos and timing as well.

Players can use basic attacks to get rid of enemies, but there are some magical skills seen from the trailer as well. When it comes to enemies, players aren’t going to face off against dozens of mobs, so there might be a lot of strategies involved when it comes to combat.

Amazing equipment

Many have said that Godfall will be like Destiny but with an emphasis on melee weapons. The game might feature a loot system as well, so players will have to grind for the best pieces of equipment in the game.

What’s the most exciting about the trailer is the reveal of some of the weapons in the game. Based on the trailer, there’s a good chance that there are several weapon types, much like in Monster Hunter World. So far, some of the confirmed weapon types are sword and shield, dual swords, spear, and a hammer. There might be more weapon types we’ve yet to see.

The developer also teases that players will be getting “godly” armor in the game, although we’ve yet to see what these means.

Diverse worlds

The game will allegedly take us to diverse locales, each coming with its own enemies and atmosphere. The trailer currently revealed forested areas, the inside of a castle, and what looks to be a town. From what we know so far, players will have to alter their equipment and build depending on what world they are on.

If Godfall is one of the confirmed PS5 launch titles, then we may be in for a treat when the game launches. We can expect to see more about the title within the coming months.


Image used courtesy of Gearbox/YouTube

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