New Grounded mode and new modifiers added to ‘The Last of Us 2’

The amount of accessibility options in The Last of Us 2 makes it an enjoyable game for just about anyone. Now, Naughty Dog is adding some new features for those who are up for a new challenge.

A new update for The Last of Us 2 brings in the much anticipated Grounded Mode. This new level of difficulty will make the game considerably more challenging, and it’s a must for those that want to experience the game as hard and as realistic as possible. Here’s everything there is to know in the new mode.

Grounded Mode

Grounded Mode is a new difficulty that pushes players to their limits. It was one of the features in the first game, and fans loved it. It was surprising that Naughty Dog didn’t introduce the game mode in the sequel, but now, we finally have access to it.

In the new difficulty, enemies are much more lethal. We’ve yet to know exactly what this means, but this might hint that the enemies hit harder and might take more damage as well. Of course, players can expect these same enemies to be much smarter than in other difficulties, so stealth isn’t always an option.

Ammo, items, and crating materials are also rarer in the new difficulty. Players will need to manage their resources very carefully if they choose to play Grounded Mode. Lastly, the HUD and Listen Mode will be disabled while playing in difficulty.

Additionally, Naughty Dog will add a new Permadeath Mode to The Last of Us 2. As the name suggests, it forces players to play the game with one life. Losing means that they’ll have to start from the very beginning.

New Modifiers

These new modes will launch along with a host of new modifiers and bug fixes on August 13.

The new modifiers are Mirror World, Mirror on Death, Slow Motion, Bullet Speed Mode, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Crafting, Infinite Melee Durability, Infinite Listen Mode Range, One Shot, Touch of Death, 8-bit Audio, 4-bit Audio, Helium Audio, and Xenon Audio.

These new modifiers add new ways to enjoy the game, making it easier for those having a tough time.

The Last of Us 2 is just over a month old, so fans can still expect a host of updates in the future. What fans are looking forward to most is a multiplayer feature similar to the one found in the first game. For now, Naughty Dog is yet to announce whether or not this will happen.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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