New hero Chong now live in ‘Mobile Legends’ advance server


Mobile Legends’ roster expands with a new character last month. This April, it was expanded with the addition of Popol and Kupa, the Icelandic Companions, and in the next months, someone very interesting could be added again.

Moonton recently updated the game’s advanced server. One of the newly added elements to the game is the upcoming fighter, Chong. Here’s everything we’ve seen about the character so far.


Chong’s passive ability is called Cursed Touch. Every time he does damage to an enemy, he applies 10 Sha Essence. Once the Sha Essence reaches 60, Chong deals extra damage to the enemy, who will then take more damage over time, depending on his missing health.

Once Sha Eruption occurs, Chong will gain 25% movement speed and 25% spell vamp.

Chong’s first active skill is called Dragon Tail. Once activated, Chong turns his cloak into a weapon which deals massive damage. There will be a delay before the attack begins, so players should throw this skill ahead. Enemies hit directly will take massive damage, while those near the center area will take 40% damage only.

His other skill is Soul Grip. Once used, Chong unleashes Dragon Soul which deals damage to enemies in front of him. Aside from damage, those enemies will also be slowed by 40% by a second. Chong also drags the enemies hit with Dragon Soul, and those that come in contact with him take additional damage and will be stunned.

Chong also has Furious Dive, which allows him to charge into enemies. Enemies within the area of his landing will be knocked up for a few seconds.

His ultimate ability is Black Dragon Form, and it is one of the coolest looking abilities in Mobile Legends when activated. Chong turns into a large black dragon that will be controllable as it flies around the map.

It can pass through obstacles and damage enemies upon impact. Once Chong returns to his normal form, he will have his skills enhanced for 10 seconds.

Release Date

Chong is available only on the advanced server for now, and it’s likely that he will be launching next month. There’s already a hero scheduled for next month, and it’s a mage legend.

We can expect Chong to release either in June or July. The logos for his skills are still yet to be added, so we might have to wait a while before Moonton completely finishes him and launches him into Mobile Legends.


Image used courtesy of Moonton/Play Google

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