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New horror game ‘Etched Memories’ is about a cat named ‘Biscuit’


Etched Memories, the bizarre horror game, asks players to play in the role of Biscuit as the game takes her on an adventure.

Are you a fan of cats? If you have a furball at your home, then Etched Memories might be the next best horror game on your list.

Cats are one of the oldest friends and foes of human beings. Tracing back to Egyptian rule, cats were regarded as Gods and sat on a golden pedestal while people worshipped them.

While they have had a feature in a number of live actions, movies, and even great novels, it isn’t much that they make their way into video games.

Etched Memories puts you in the role of ‘Biscuit’

Games like Stray coming out and Etched Memories seem to be fond of the idea of including cats as their protagonist.

In this game, players have to play the role of Biscuit as the game makes its great debut.

A horror game where the protagonist’s name is Biscuit is indeed an old pitch to sell to the audience. While the game is still in development, Scratch Studios has dropped in a teaser for the game where players can understand what lies ahead of them in the first few clips.

Players wake up as Biscuit in the middle of a stormy winter night. They have to find their mother.

One thing which is an odd element of the game is the heavy emphasis on the natural surroundings. Being a cat, it looks odd because they pay little to no attention to their surroundings at all.

The game is strange as one could visibly expect

One demo of the game is available, as it looks strange for expectation. By looking at the trailer, one can surely understand that the game has a low-budget project.

Gamers are finding their way back through the horror genre with the resurgence of titles such as Resident Evil Village and The Medium.

Of course, with the trailer of the mentioned game being dropped, players have high expectations from developers. However, there is still a place for Etched Memories and other action titles trying to make their place into the genre.

Unless and until the game is being released, we cannot understand how the gameplay would look. Hopefully, 2021 becomes the amazing year for horror games as fans are looking out for.

Stay tuned to Micky for more updates!

Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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