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New Intel CEO targets Apple, calls it a ‘lifestyle company’


New Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has yet to take up his position in February. But he’s already pumped up his team to challenge Apple’s M1 chips.

According to The Verge, new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently held an all-hands company meeting. He tried to boost the employees and intentionally called out Apple as everyone knows that the Macbook maker’s latest M1 processing chips are bringing a new revolution in performance and power for PCs. And keeping that in mind, Mr. Gelsinger told his team to work hard to make better CPUs.

“We have to deliver better products to the PC ecosystem than any possible thing that a lifestyle company in Cupertino” makes, as per him.

Intel getting behind in the processor race

It’s good to boost the company employees’ morale and confidence, but calling another rival tech brand a “lifestyle company” is quite surprising. Well, it’s not a big issue; however, it will be interesting to see how the new CEO works on the objective of outperforming Apple’s M1 chips.

Speaking of Intel, then it’s actually lagging by a huge margin. Not just Apple, but even AMD has gone past its processors. The latter also beat it in gaming comparison with its latest chips. Plus, its Ryzen 5000 mobile chips are also turning out impressive.

Apple is still using Intel-based Macs, but it won’t continue for long as all the new Macbooks and iMac desktops will move to M1 CPUs. That’s inevitable due to the enormously fast performance of the company’s own chips.

On the other hand, Intel is still struggling to transition to a 10nm architecture for the last few years. It will become difficult for them to maintain their pace, especially when rivals are already working on 7nm manufacturing.

In this scenario, another thing that will happen is Intel outsourcing chip production from Samsung and TSMC, as per Bloomberg News.

Competitors like AMD, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Apple are also using TSMC for their chip production.

Is Apple setting new benchmarks in speed?

Meanwhile, most tech news-making big highlights since 2020 have come from the California tech giant. No matter what section it is, Apple has been there in the spotlight somehow or the other in the last ten months. Since it announced iOS 14 and the revolutionary privacy-based changes, the company has remained in the headlines.

Its latest iPhone 12 line-up is already making a big mark when it comes to worldwide sales. In just a few months of their launch, most new models have managed to be in the top ten list of best-selling smartphones.

Coming back to Intel, then it will have to work really hard under the new CEO’s guidance if it wants to regain the crown it once had in CPU manufacturing.

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