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New Intel Core i9 10850k is slower at an affordable price point


With the new Intel Core i9 10850K, the tech giant is slowing down the processor and release it at a competitive price point.

The Intel Core i9 10850K is 100MHz slower than the i9 10900K. With Intel cutting some of its corners, it can release it at a slightly affordable price point. Once it hits the market, the processor will reportedly be priced around US$488[AU$683.50], or about US$35 [AU$49.02] less than the 10900K.

Tough competition

With the rise of the AMD Ryzen and Threadripper series, Intel is faced with a tough challenge from its rival. To cope up with the tough competition, the company is churning out new products almost weekly.

With its lack of innovations like the 7nm process, Intel is forced to cut around corners of its new products. The new Intel Core i9 10850K is such a case. Essentially, the processor is just a slower version of the more expensive i9 10900K.

This led to several criticisms from the tech community. Intel is putting a price on how much a clock speed is. In this case, a 100MHz clock speed is priced around $35.
The new Intel Core i9 10850K has a base clock of 3.6GHz and a single-core boost of up to 5GHz. A boost on all cores can reach a clock speed of up to 4.7GHz.

The new Thermal Velocity Boost technology can further improve the processor’s clock speed. With TVB, the processor can reach a single-core clock speed of up to 5.2GHz, and 4.8GHz on all cores. Apart from the slightly lower clock speed, everything remains virtually the same.

What the future holds for Intel

The current Comet Lake S series of processors is already getting outpaced by their AMD counterparts. Based on a recent leaked benchmark test, Intel is gearing up to roll out its new Rocket Lake processors. Unfortunately, Rocket Lake is deemed as just another iteration of the 14nm Skylake series.

On the other hand, AMD is now in the development of its 7nm processor. This will allow the company to integrate more transistors into its processor, which will result in performance upgrades. Tech insiders claim that if AMD comes to market first with its 7nm chips, it will dominate it.

Intel is slated to release its 10nm Alder Lake processors sometime next year. For now, the Intel Core i9 10850K will suffice as an affordable alternative to premium processors.

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