New Intel i9-10900K is fast and expensive yet it fails to outrun AMD

The new Intel i9-10900K processor costs more than $2000, yet it lags behind its closest AMD competitors.

In terms of performance, the new Intel processor pass with flying colors. The company claims that it can reach clock speeds of up to 5.3GHz. While this is an impressive achievement, it still lags behind the flagship AMD Ryzen 9 3950X.

Unfortunately, some tech testers claim that the processor cannot achieve the speed that Intel claims. It appears that the magic clock speed is only achievable through custom cooling mechanisms.

PR stunt

Intel aggressively marketed this new processor. The company is hoping that through aggressive marketing stunts, it should be able to gain consumer attention. Word around the community is that the company is getting worried about AMD’s recent rise.

In terms of specs and price, the new i9-10900K is a clear competitor to the Ryzen 9 3950X. However, a handful of stress tests will prove that the AMD flagship clearly beats the Intel chip.

A test by Ars Technica reveals that the processor is only able to achieve 5.1GHz on all cores. Intel claims that the processor, using its Turbo Boost Max, can gain 100MHz boost. The test utilizes a standard 280mm radiator yet it was not able to reach the magic 5.2GHz speed.

Some in the tech community claim that this magic speed that the company claims is achievable with custom cooling. There are also reports that claim that the processor locks up under extreme GPU stress tests.

Integrated graphics are not exactly Intel’s greatest asset, and a decent graphics card can remedy this problem. CPU locking up due to extreme graphics stress is a seldom occurrence.

Power consumption and heat generation

A handful of tests reveal that the i9-10900K hovers around 70W when in idle. On the other hand, the processor can reach up to 336W under extreme stress. It is important to note that that company markets the processor with a 125W TDP.

Despite drawing more power than the Threadripper, the new i9 cannot keep in par with AMD’s flagship. The new i9 also generates more heat, although it dissipates quite efficiently compare to AMD.

Another disheartening fact is that the new i9 runs on a new platform. This means that building a rig based on this processor means using a new motherboard as well.

In conclusion, the new i9 is the fastest Intel processor in the market. However, considering its speed, price, and overall performance, it fails miserably with the AMD flagship.

Image courtesy of JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock

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