New Intel XE integrated graphics performance suggests powerful hardware

Based on a recently leaked performance test, the Intel XE integrated graphics is a powerful piece of new hardware from the chip giant.

The Intel XE integrated graphics will be released with the new Tiger Lake series of mobile processors. A recent OpenCL Geekbench performance test reveals that the new process is indeed powerful.

The leak shows a Core i7-1165G7 posting an impressive performance. The processor scored an astonishing 59,845 points. This puts the processor in the same line as some of AMD and Nvidia’s top graphics compute units.

A breakthrough for Intel

The upcoming series of Tiger Lake mobile processors will be the first to use the new Intel XE integrated graphics. Based on these recent leaks, the processors do pack quite a performance punch that can rival some discrete graphics cards.

The recently leaked result puts the Core i7-1165G7 at the same level as the Nvidia MX350. A closer inspection of this hardware will prove that Intel has the upper hand.

For one, the MX350 has a 2GB VRAM, while the Intel G7 does not even have a dedicated memory. Moreover, the Intel G7 is embedded on a quad-core Willow Cove processor with eight threads. It also adds to the point the fact that the integrated graphics has a TDP of about 25W.

Is it powerful enough to beat AMD?

As of this writing, the AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs are in a clear advantage. However, many tech experts have noted that Intel is slowly chipping the gap with its Tiger Lake processors.

Looking at the specs, Intel does pack quite a performance. The new Intel XE integrated graphics have up to 768 shaders and a clock speed of up to 1300MHz. In comparison, AMD’s top APUs only have between 384 and 512 shaders.

Using the OpenCL benchmark test, the Ryzen 4700U scores 40,100, while the Ryzen 4800U scores 44,000. If the recent leak is true, Intel outperforms AMD in this test with its near 60,000 score.

While all these are valid points, the integrated graphics is just one part of the bigger picture. One has to account for the CPU side of this new hardware. In this particular avenue of comparison is where AMD outshines Intel.

The top AMD Ryzen 4000 APU has eight cores. That is a clear advantage compared to just four of the new Tiger Lake mobile lineup. The Intel XE integrated graphics is set to face some of AMD’s top APUs once it hits the market.

Image courtesy of Sandra Foyt/Shutterstock

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